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AoS – Seraphon Army

Seraphon: The Celestial Warriors of Order

In the sprawling tapestry of the Mortal Realms, few stories rival the epic saga of the Seraphon. These celestial beings, guided by the ancient seers known as the Slann, are a force of order that has endured through the ages. Let us delve into the intriguing history and purpose of the Seraphon.

The Arrival of the Great Drake

In the Age of Myth, the Seraphon’s history began with the appearance of the Great Drake, Dracothion. From across the void of eternity, this celestial entity beheld the glittering vessels of the Seraphon drifting like motes of dust through the darkness. Driven by curiosity, he approached, sensing the thoughts of the Slann, filled with a mixture of loss and rage.

Journey to the Realm of Azyr

Communing with the seers, Dracothion received a vision of the death of the World That Was. Filled with anger, he cried out, drawing the Slann’s attention. They adjusted their course, following the blazing silver tears of Dracothion’s lament, and thus, they reached the Realm of Azyr, taking their place among the heavens.

The Toll of Time

Time and relentless battles have taken their toll on the Seraphon. Many have fallen in the war against the Dark Gods, while others have vanished into the relentless march of ages. Yet, some endure as spirits trapped within desiccated mortal forms.

Lord Kroak: The Oldest of the Seraphon

Greatest among these enduring beings is Lord Kroak, believed to be the oldest of the Slann. Filled with the light of Azyr, Kroak possesses immense arcane power, wielding mighty incantations despite his withered and fragile body.

Warriors of the Stars

The Seraphon’s homeland exists far above the tallest towers of Sigmaron. It is a place only they can reach, waiting for the call of the Starmasters. They are said to sail between worlds, fighting an endless crusade across the Mortal Realms.

The Unveiling of the Seraphon

From the collective memory of the ancient seers, the Seraphon take shape, heralded by the blazing light of Azyr. No mortal or daemon can endure the sight of their arrival, as they manifest from falling starlight like embers cast from a great flame.

Masters of Order

The Slann Starmasters’ ultimate goal is to bring order and structure to the universe, a goal that is constantly threatened by the Chaos Gods. The Seraphon are fierce enemies of Chaos, though their numbers are few compared to the vast legions of darkness.

In the grand tapestry of the Mortal Realms, the Seraphon’s history is a tale of enduring order against the relentless tide of Chaos. Guided by the Slann, they stand resolute in their fight to bring structure to the universe and to banish the forces of darkness. These celestial warriors are an unyielding force of hope in a world besieged by chaos and uncertainty.

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