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AoS – Endless Spells, Gloomspite Gitz/ Part 1

Howdy Wargamers! Today we are starting a mini-series dedicated to Gloomspite Gitz from Age of Sigmar. The army is so enormous we simply couldn’t squeeze it in one post. Get ready for Part 1!

We are starting with the set I really enjoyed working with – Endless Spells. Models are very unusual, grotesque even for AoS standards I would say! Whether you like them or not, I guess we can all agree they are pretty eye-catching. In the box you will find 4 extremely powerful summoned spells, distinctive to your faction: The Malevolent Moon, Mork’s Mighty Mushroom, Scrapskuttle’s Arachnacauldron, The Scuttletide. Stay tuned for more 🙂

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