W40K – Crimson Fists – Scouts & Speeder

Hello world! Another month passed, a lot of minis painted 🙂 Today I`d like to show you next update for Crimson Fists army – Land Speeder Storm and four squads of Scouts. Till the end of the week you`ll see some more units like bikers. IMO Crimson Fists blue > Ultramarines blue 😉 Anyway –[…]

W40K – Crimson Fists Forces I

Today some old table top works – two Tactical Squads, Assault Squad (which you can see in previous posts), Land Speeders and heavy Stormraven – flying Land Raider. And yes, I drilled heavy bolter barrels after photo sesion 🙂 I know that there are no longer texts here – I`ll try to do something with[…]

W40K – Astra Militarum – Artillery

Astra Militarum army (vel Imperial Guard) has some more heavy toys than Leman Russ tanks 🙂 Today I`d like to show you rocket artillery – two Manticores and one Deathstrike launcher. Painted in jungle camo for Catachan army. Weathering is mostly MIG pigments with some other techniques. Check out other posts in 40k section to[…]