Zombicide Black Plague / Green Horde – Doors Set


Who doesn’t like to improve beloved board games? Extra cubes, heroes, missions, 3d terrains… Zombicide series published by Cool Mini Or Not is one of those that can be polished almost endlessly 🙂

In today’s entry I would like to present you a set of doors which can replace flat markers placed on the board at the beginning of the game. The models are made of HDF laser cut and consist of three parts: base, frame and door. For assembly you only need CA glue.

3D doors give us a much clearer picture of the situation on the board – especially with lots of zombies. We can more easily plan our way to the target or to escape/block the creatures. The door is also quite stable, so the chance to accidentally move it is not big (it always annoyed me with flat markers).

If you would like to have your copy, it is available on TTCombat manufacturer’s website. Painted sets of doors can also be found directly in our shop – ZOMBICIDE DOORS.

Commission painting services- minisforwar@gmail.com