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FoW – Soviet Army

The Soviet Army in Flames of War The Soviet Army played a pivotal role in the defeat of Nazi Germany during World War II. At the outset of the war, the Soviet Army was the largest military force in the world, with over 12 million soldiers. However, the army suffered significant losses in the early FoW – Soviet Army

Star Wars – Collectible Galactic Empire

The Military Might of the Galactic Empire: Exploring the Forces That Kept the Galaxy Under Control The Galactic Empire military forces were one of the most powerful and imposing military forces in the galaxy. They were responsible for maintaining law and order throughout the Empire and defending it against any threats, both internal and external. Star Wars – Collectible Galactic Empire

FoW – German Army

German army in Flames of War The German army, including the infamous SS, played a significant role during World War II. Under the leadership of Adolf Hitler and his generals, the German army became a formidable force, conquering much of Europe in a series of blitzkrieg campaigns. The SS, or Schutzstaffel, was originally established as FoW – German Army

FoW – German Battle of the Bulge

Marching with the Wehrmacht: A Flames of War Battle of the Bulge German army The German Army, known as the Wehrmacht, was a powerful fighting force during World War II. Under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, the Wehrmacht rapidly expanded in size and strength, becoming one of the most formidable military forces in the world. FoW – German Battle of the Bulge

LotR – Gondor Army

Hello Wargamers! Today I have something special for all Lord of the Rings fans 🙂 Small Gondor forces painted to our High Level. It was a great challenge for the painter, because sculpts are very simple and old. A lot of brush work, bases with mix of different green materials from Woodland Scenics and Paint LotR – Gondor Army

Historical – 7 Years War Project – Cavalry

Hello Wargamers! HERE and HERE we had a chance to show you massive 7 Year War project in 10 mm scale. Hundreds (thousands!) of miniatures painted according to historical realities. It was a great project and extraordinary challenge for the whole painting team. Today I’d like to share last post and last models related to Historical – 7 Years War Project – Cavalry

40k – Sons of Horus, Part III

Hello Wargamers! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! Today, we’ll be sharing with you, a very last entry dedicated to our Sons of Horus army. This one will be the most abundant in photos and probably will catch the most of attention. Without further ado, let’s jump into it! Commission painting services: c

40k – Sons of Horus, Part II

Hello Wargamers! Hope you’ve enjoyed Part I of our Sons of Horus army, where we covered briefly Sons of Horus lore and presented you some infantry units. In this entry, we would like to reveal some transportation vehicles: Thunderhawk Gunship, Dropods and Rhino. I believe, Thunderhawk is the one, that will catch the most of 40k – Sons of Horus, Part II

40k – Sons of Horus Army, Part I

Hello Wargamers! Sons of Horus, also known as a Luna Wolves, are probably the most famous Space Marine chapter. They were raised by the Emperor of mankind on Terra, at the dawn of the Great Crusade in the late 30th millennium. Few other legions could match their achievments and those that could, even fewer could 40k – Sons of Horus Army, Part I

Bolt Action – Japanese Army

Howdy Wargamers! Today, we are presenting you our very first Bolt Action project! For those of you, who are not familiar with the system, Bolt Action is a 28 mm historical battle game, taking action in the World War. It’s designed and published by Warlord Games. Players value it for realistic rules, variety of armies Bolt Action – Japanese Army