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Idoneth Deepkin

AoS – Idoneth Deepkin Forces

Hello Wargamers! Our team painted another army for one of you! 🙂 I’d like to show you solid Idoneth Deepkin forces – that’s a lot of Eels, infantry and heroes! As you may see, we tried to use very soft gradients and pastel colours – it gave the army a unique character. My personal favourite AoS – Idoneth Deepkin Forces

AoS – Converted Ironclad Ship

Hello Wargamers! Today I’d like to share totally unique project we made for one of you. That’s converted Kharadron Ironclad ship – we mixed it with Idoneth Deepkin Gloomtide Wreck to make a true flying fortress. It was a pure fun to make and paint this kitbash! Below you may find detailed photo gallery. 🙂 AoS – Converted Ironclad Ship

AoS – Small Projects

Hello Wargamers! Another “small projects” post is live! Yesterday you had a chance to see various SW: Legion miniatures and now it’s time for Age of Sigmar.  🙂 A solid package of various projects we’ve had the opportunity to paint over the past few months. If you want to work with us –   AoS – Small Projects

AoS – Idoneth Deepkin Army, Part II

Hello Wargamers! In yesterday’s entry we introduced you to Part I of our Idoneth Deepkin army. Today, we would like to continue this little series. Without further ado, let’s get started! Part II is dedicated mainly to infantry models including: Namarti Reavers and Thralls in quite large quantities. Really like how those miniatures present themselves AoS – Idoneth Deepkin Army, Part II

AoS – Idoneth Deepkin Army, Part I

“We have collected their souls already. I notice your people have done likewise. The dead matter not to us – we will be gone shortly.” Hello Wargamers! I remember 2018, when I was so excited about Idoneth Deepkin army coming out! Immediately felt in love with graphics and couldn’t wait to get the models in AoS – Idoneth Deepkin Army, Part I