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AoS – Idoneth Deepkin Army, Part I

“We have collected their souls already. I notice your people have done likewise. The dead matter not to us – we will be gone shortly.”

Hello Wargamers!

I remember 2018, when I was so excited about Idoneth Deepkin army coming out! Immediately felt in love with graphics and couldn’t wait to get the models in my hands. Well, it’s happened 2 years later and today it’s my pleasure to present you Part One of that magnificent, AoS army!

The Idoneth Deepkin are a mysterious race of aelves that dwell in absolute secrecy in the most profound reaches of the realms. They do not seek merely to slaughter or enslave. Coming out of the blackness, from the very depths of the realm’s seas, they desire only one, very precious thing – their victim’s souls.

I believe an inspiration for those models were Atlanta, so if you like this kind of myths, you should really enjoy them. Really like the aesthetics of those miniatures. Somehow, GW’s designers were able to transfer my visualization of mysterious, underwater creatures into reality. My favorite miniature here would be Akhelian Leviadon. It really stands out from the crowd being a gem in this army! On the pictures, you’ll also find Volturnos, accompanied by Akhelian Allopexes, Akhelian Ishlaen and Morrsarr Guards. Painted with varies of very vibrant and vivid colors, making them incredibly eye-catching.

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