40k – Massive Chaos Space Marines Army!

Hello Wargamers! Very special post today – truly massive Chaos Space Marines army painted by our Artists some time ago ๐Ÿ™‚ As you may see, we made almost all available units and heroes for this faction and it was a … Continued

LotR – Nazguls of Dol Guldur Army

“They are the Nazguls, Ringwraiths, neither living nor dead. At all times they feel the presence of the Ring, drawn to the power of the One.” Hello Wargamers! I am extremely proud, to present you a Nazgul army, we had … Continued

40k โ€“ Chaos Reaver Titan

  Just like we promised, bigger Warhound Titan’s brother is here! Chaos Reaver Titan is superbly-well sculpted model, we put a lot of time and love into this model but I am pretty sure every minute was absolutely worth it! … Continued

40k โ€“ Necron Army โ€“ Necron Lychguards

Another batch of elite units added to Necron Army! Necron Lychguards are elite protectors and emissaries of the nobility. Beware Overlord’s supremacy is upon us! Commission painting services: minisforwar@gmail.com

40k โ€“ Necron Army โ€“ Triarch Praetorians

Are we done with Necron Army? Hell no! Triarch Praetorians, elite Necron warriors,ย  bearing great responsibility, their duty is to ensure that the Necron dynasties will last forever! Commission painting services โ€“ minisforwar@gmail.com

40k โ€“ Necron Army โ€“ Canoptek Wraiths

Necron Army is growing! Today we present you Canoptek Wraiths – faultless, incredibly effective Necron Predators! We are very pumped for upcoming 9th edition! Stay tuned, this is just a begining! Commission painting services โ€“ minisforwar@gmail.com