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Star Wars – Mandalorians

The Way of the Mandalore: A Look at the Fierce Warrior Culture Mandalorians are a proud and fierce warrior culture originating from the planet Mandalore. They are known for their advanced technology, including their iconic Mandalorian armor, and their strict code of honor known as the Way of the Mandalore. The Mandalorian culture places great Star Wars – Mandalorians

AoS – Skaven Lords & Thanquol Diorama

Hello Wargamers! Just like announced yesterday, in today’s entry, we’ll be featuring some bonus Skaven units! Get yourself together for Skaven Lords and Thanquol Diorama. Miniatures were painted to a high standard with exceptional attention to details. It was a truly challenging project, but in my opinion final effects are more than satisfying. Models will AoS – Skaven Lords & Thanquol Diorama

AoS – Skaven Verminlord

Hello Wargamers! How are you doing today? In this short AoS entry, I’d like to uncover some center pieces of huge Skaven army, we had pleasure to paint for one of our Clients! Verminlords are indeed amazing miniatures – incredible design, tons of details and dynamic poses are the key features. Painted using mostly earthy AoS – Skaven Verminlord

AoS – Skaven Verminlord

Hello Wargamers! In this short entry, we would like to uncover on of the coolest Skaven models – Verminlord! A Verminlord is the supreme manifestation of the Skaven soul demonic deity – the Horned Rat. These demons are by far the strongest and most fearsome creatures Empire has ever known. They are thought to be AoS – Skaven Verminlord