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AoS – Skaven Lords & Thanquol Diorama

Hello Wargamers!

Just like announced yesterday, in today’s entry, we’ll be featuring some bonus Skaven units! Get yourself together for Skaven Lords and Thanquol Diorama.

Miniatures were painted to a high standard with exceptional attention to details. It was a truly challenging project, but in my opinion final effects are more than satisfying. Models will work great, both, as gaming and display pieces. Besides painting job, we paid plenty of attention to the scenery. Skaven Lords are positioned on custom, rocky bases, but I believe Thanquol Diorama is a true gem in here. There is so much going on around the miniature. My favorite part would probably be, how manufacturer was able to recreate tearing the portal. It really gives me goosebumps!

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