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Shatterpoint – Fearless and Inventive Squad Overview

Luke Skywalker, Leia, R2-D2 and Lando Calrissian in Star Wars: Shatterpoint - Beginning of the Civil War Era!

Hello there!

This is the series in which we explain how certain units from Star Wars: Shatterpoint work!

Today we will go with the hopeful Jedi Knight, Luke Skywalker and his loyal companions, which are included in the Fearless and Inventive Squad Pack. With this pack, the true era of The Galactic Civil War begins!

Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker, a young boy who went from the farmboy’s life all through to become a Jedi Knight, appeared in Star Wars: Shatterpoint a while ago. As the unit in the game he represents high mobility as well as versatility. 

First of all, his Tactical Ability – Return of the Jedi – allows him to Jump and refresh one Force Point at the start of his activation. Phenomenal ability that allows you to reach your target faster. No matter if it is an objective or opposing unit. He also has two other mobility tools – one aggressive and another one for defensive/utility purposes. 

You Can Either Profit By This, Or Be Destroyed is a powerful tool that forces your opponent to move, then allows you to chase ‘em and if it is possible make a 5 dice melee attack. This may be crucial to get to objective and then annihilate 1-2 low health enemy units.

I will not fight you on the other hand is an reactive ability that allows you to Jump and Heal [2] straight after being attacked. Now you can reposition and prepare yourself for the next battle.

Last ability that is worth to be described is I am a Jedi, Like My Father Before Me. When his Order Card is not in your Order Deck (it means – when Luke was activated in this deck cycle with his own card), he cannot be Pinned. This even increased his mobility as he can not be immobilized! But if his Order Card is still in the Order Deck he has Immunity to Exposed condition. 

No need to tell anything more – Primary Characters that are immune to the most broken condition in the game are kinda breathtaking.

Form V Djem So, as a more aggressive stance, provides Luke with up to 10 damage, up to two moves (reposition and jump) and two conditions (strained and disarmed/exposed). However, counterbalance is a weak defense expertise chart as well as only 5 defense dice.

Form III Soresu is a much better form to fit Luke. Despite up to eight damage, his combat tree is filled with utility options such as Heal (up to 4!), pushes, pinned/disarmed conditions and even a jump. He also has quite better expertise charts on this Stance.

Boushh (Leia Organa)

Leia Organa impersonating one of the least known Bounty Hunters is an interesting take on Star Wars: Shatterpoint.

Hard focused on the melee combat, she can add 2-6 dice to her attack while using Fearless and Inventive ability. This ability, however, has a drawback as you need to be engaged with additional characters in order to add the dice.

Her much more interesting ability is Low Blow. Leia Pushes chosen character (that character must be engaged with her) using Range 2 tool. Then moves toward pushed character and can immediately make a focus action for free. It is a good utility tool that not only allows you to  push your opponent out of an important position, but this ability also can make your previous one live.

I Want Fifty Thousand, No Less is a good example of kinda balanced ability that forces your opponent to choose between lesser and greater evil. No matter which choice he makes, both can be crucial to the course of the game. Gaining additional momentum tokens helps you to go for a win, but losing a Force Point may even thwart your enemy plans.

Last Ability is a mobility one. Fan Out allows her or another friendly Spy unit to make a reposition action, escaping from melee fights for example.

Rough and Tumble is definitely an aggressive stance that tries to do its best to resolve her last ability as often as possible (for example pushing damage through an expertise chart). Up to 10 damage is supplemented just by push and/or up to all four conditions.

Lando and R2-D2, Inside Job

Last unit on today’s list is definitely one of a kind. They’re designed to take distant objectives, while remaining “stealthy”.

Their “stealth” comes from Clever Disguise ability. They cannot be targeted for ranged attacks as long as their Order Card is still inside your Order Deck. This ability, connected with Mingle – an additional advance or dash – changes them into fast objective-claimers.

Their other ability is clearly an Element of Surprise. Whenever they attack, they can add 2 dice to the roll. However, the drawback is huge due to Exposed condition they may gain after that attack. 

Forward Planning is a powerful, supportive ability that allows you to remove conditions from your Primary and Secondary units. This may be helpful, especially to deal with Pinned and Strained conditions, that clearly interrupt your action economy.

On the Sly characterizes with a solid defense expertise chart as well as nearly the same combat expertise for ranged and melee attacks. Up to 7 damage, Heal [3], Push, Pinned, Disarmed and Dash is quite an interesting utility combat tree for the Supporting Unit.

In summary, this squad provides us with new, interesting solutions and it is worth taking, especially if you’re a Galactic Civil War fan. We are waiting for the more Rebel Alliance expansions in the future 🥰

If you want to start your adventure with Star Wars Shatterpoint, check our Shatterpoint Guide!

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