LotR – Evil Forces

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Hello Wargamers!

It’s been quite some time, since we shared any LotR projects! In this entry, we’d like to present you collection of Moria and Mordor miniatures, painted to a high standard.

Even though majority of those models, are way over a decade old, somehow they still feel fresh! They may not be as detailed, as newest releases, but Tolkien’s spirit is definitely there! I believe, MESBG is the only GW’s system, in which metal miniatures are still common, really like the oldschool vibe, that material brings into the battlefield! On the pictures, you’ll find: Morgul Stalkers, Khardush, Shagrat War Leader, Gorbag, Mordor Uruk Hais, Orc Taskmaster, Orc Drummer and Cave Drake. Stay tuned for more!

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