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LotR – Evil Forces

Hello Wargamers!

It’s been quite some time, since we shared any LotR projects! In this entry, we’d like to present you collection of Moria and Mordor miniatures, painted to a high standard.

Even though majority of those models, are way over a decade old, somehow they still feel fresh! They may not be as detailed, as newest releases, but Tolkien’s spirit is definitely there! I believe, MESBG is the only GW’s system, in which metal miniatures are still common, really like the oldschool vibe, that material brings into the battlefield! On the pictures, you’ll find: Morgul Stalkers, Khardush, Shagrat War Leader, Gorbag, Mordor Uruk Hais, Orc Taskmaster, Orc Drummer and Cave Drake. Stay tuned for more!

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