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Lord of the Rings/ Hobbit – Gondor Hero Army

Hello Wargamers! Today’s post is very special to me, as Lord of the Rings/ Hobbit was my very first step into strategy battle games 🙂

As a great Tolkien fan, I was pretty excited when found out, we were going to work with Gondor Hero Army. Request was simple – give them as much love, as you can! High standard was an obvious choice here! On the pictures, you will find: Beregond, Faramir ft.&mtd., Boromir Captain of the White Tower ft.&mtd., Boromir Fellowship of the Ring, Radagast the Brown and Fountain Guard.

The painting scheme is based on boxart and the movie. We added a bit more colors, as some of the miniatures seemed to be a little dull on GW’s photos. If I had to pick one miniature from this gang I like the most, that, without any doubts would be Boromir, Captain of the White Tower mtd. I really feel like we did something amazing here. What’s worth mentioning, all the patterns you can see on the banner are legit free-hands, the bare flag doesn’t have any texture on it! incredibly satisfied with results we were able to achieve 🙂

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