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Legion – Shadow Collective

“Our combined strength will be rewarded. Mandalore will be yours, and Kenobi, this Sith pretender Dooku and all our enemies… will fall.”

Hello Star Wars fans!

Have you already tried to play with or against Maul’s Shadow Collective, the newest faction for Star Wars: Legion? We had painted it and also had an opportunity to play with them. They’re quite strong! 

Pykes have very good defense potential (dodges everywhere haha) and Black Suns seem like nice heavy hitters. When playing them it’s so important to have a leader of their affiliation but don’t worry, you have Pyke Capo and Black Sun Vigo, simultaneously. 

There are also two pretty aggressive commanders. The first one is the (in)famous Maul (who need to wield a Darksaber to become a commander, otherwise he’s operative). On the other hand we get Gar Saxon who perfectly lead Mandalorian Super Commandos, faction option for special forces. You can also decide to play some bounty hunters – Cad Bane and Bossk are great options here. Soon Atomic Mass Games will release support for mercenaries in form of Swoop Bikes. We can’t wait to paint them! 

Below you can go through a gallery of SC models painted by our artists. 

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