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Hello Wargamers! Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! 🙂 In today’s entry we would like to show you what happens with your models right after receiving them!

STEP 1. – Cutting off the miniatures from the frames

STEP 2. – Cleaning the models. This step is very important, as majority of models still have their mold-lines. It’s almost impossible to get nice and smooth painting effects if you skip this stage.

STEP 3. – Assembling & Filling the gaps. Even tough we work with top-brands such Like Games Workshop, Fantasy Flight Games etc. the parts of the models rarely fit perfectly. To cover all the gaps and imperfections we use plastic putty, it does it job perfectly. In this step we also work on convertions and magnetizing the models if there is a need for that 🙂

STEP 4. – Degreasing the models. Brand new models are usually covered with dirt. It’s very significant to clean the models very carefully, as the paint won’t stick properly to greased surface. For that purpose we use an ultrasonic washer.

Tomorrow we will talk more briefly about tools we use in our workshop 🙂 Stay tuned! ^^