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Events – Get to know our Studio – Painting!

Hello everyone! Probably the most awaited part in the whole series! Today we would like to reveal a little about creme de la creme of our business painting! We will be introducing the process in couple steps:

STEP 1. – Priming

Cleaned, assembled and degreased models are ready to get primed! The basecoat color would vary depending on final results we would like to achieve with our models. Usually we use black or grey. The paint is applied with an areograph to get as smooth and thin paint covering as possible. We usually use Vallejo Surface Primers and H&S Ultra with 0.4 nozzle.

STEP 2. – Painting

Probably the whole book wouldn’t be enough to cover all the issues and details regarding art of painting models 🙂 In the future we are planning to start a tutorial series in which we will be discussing about particular techniques more thoroughly. In the workshop we work both with brushes and areographs and each of our Artists have each own working space. Some of them specializes in monsters, others in vehicles or infantry models. We make sure each project is treated very individually and directed into right person, allowing us to get the most satisfying results.

We work mainly on Raphael 8404 series brushes and H&S Infinity CR+ airbrush with 0.2 nozzle. Vallejo is our main paint range, but we use products from other companies such as Citadel, Scale75, Green Stuff World.

STEP 3. – Basing

Painting is over, but there are still couple of steps ahead! The models look just unfinished without basing them! In here, we are able to recreate almost any kind of environment you would imagine and always happy to take new challanges! Water, forest, desert, snow, wasteland, swamps, you name it!

STEP 4. – Finishing

Majority of our Clients are active gamers, in order to meet their needs and expectations we always layer our miniatures with protective varnish allowing them to enjoy their awesome models for years!

Hope you enjoyed this post, see you in the next one! 🙂