Boardgames – Lords of Hellas Terrain Expansion


After a short break we return to the publication of our works. 🙂 I would like to present you with a set of terrains for Lords of Hellas boardgame painted by our artists. Figures of cities and temples replace cardboard chips and “expand” the game board, making it much more clear.

The models combine Greek style architecture with futuristic additions. All other figures of the game are kept in the same climate.

Definitely a big complaint I can put forward in terms of the quality of the figurines. A very large number of mould lines, sometimes broken details. Additionally, in the presented copy most of the cities are crookedly folded (parts differ from each other). The stage of preparation for painting definitely requires patience and precision.

I invite you to see the rest of the photos and look around on the blog 🙂

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