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Archon Studio – Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Board Game

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 – Cult Video Game as a Board Game Adaptation by Archon Studio

“Astrologers proclaim the week of…”

I would say it’s about time to write something about one of our latest partnership commissions. We had the pleasure of painting some miniatures for the Kickstarter project with a board game adaptation of one of the most nostalgic games in history. Archon Studio came up with an excellent idea of transforming it into a tabletop game, and the end result exceeded all expectations. The game was a gigantic commercial success, reaching pledges height of 3 834 885 USD out of expected 50 000, which means it got 76,7 times more than our partner expected. We’re very proud that we had an opportunity to be a part of such a great project! It wasn’t the first project in which we collaborated with Archon and we hope for more occasions to work together!

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