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AoS – Seraphon Army

Hello Wargamers!

We don’t stop in showing you epic commissions prepared by our Artists. In today’s post I wanted to share with you a really beautiful Seraphon army for Age of Sigmar. 

Seraphons is an army inspired by the ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures, so we used colors that we associate with these civilizations – many shades of blue, turquoise, red and quite a lot of golden color. The sculpt of the models consisting of a mix of skin and scales allows for interesting gradients.

Despite the years, the figures still look great – especially the large monsters and dinosaurs. Lord Kroak deserves a special mention, as he got a new, totally cool model. 


A keen eye will notice that some of the figures we have prepared are 3d printed. These are designs from the famous and excellent Lost Kingdoms workshop. Be sure to check out their other sculpts!

If you would like to cooperate with us and create a great looking, complete army – send us a message at: