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Collectible – Goblins & Undeads / Kickstarter

Hello Wargamers! We love niche projects and this one is definitely a cool one 😀 Our team painted a solid pack of Undead/Skeletons and Goblin miniatures – there are so many unique sculpts and poses! At the end of the gallery you may also find a few big Ogre monsters. Enjoy! If you want to Collectible – Goblins & Undeads / Kickstarter

BloodBowl – Dark Elves and Undeads

Hello Wargamers! Quick update with some Blood Bowl miniatures we painted in workshop. As you may see, our Artists made small reinforcements for Dark Elves and full Undead team 🙂 Enjoy small gallery below and stay tuned. More updates soon!

AoS – Ossiarch Bonereapers – Reinforcements + Katakros

Hello Wargamers! Monday update with some cool undead units and heroes for Ossiarch Bonereapers army 🙂 I am especially happy to share Katakros – he has so many details and additional miniatures on his base! It was definitely a great challenge for our painters. Below you may find (as always) short but detailed gallery with AoS – Ossiarch Bonereapers – Reinforcements + Katakros

BloodBowl – Three Teams!

Hello Wargamers! BloodBowl is still very popular and supported game. Today I’d like to show you three different teams we painted over past few months – Reiklan Reavers, Wolfenburg Crypt-Stealers and Elven Union. It’s good to see this system alive – leagues are played all over the world 😀 If you want to join and BloodBowl – Three Teams!

Dungeons&Dragons – Undead Pirates and Skeletons

Hello Wargamers and RPG Fans! Dungeons&Dragons and miniatures are the perfect combination – fights are faster and more tactical. You can plan your moves and situation on the table is clear. Today I’d like to show you some cool undeads painted by our team for Gamers. And watch out, a dangerous shark is nearby! Commission Dungeons&Dragons – Undead Pirates and Skeletons

Warcry: Legions of Nagash

Hello Wargamers! In this short entry, I’d like to introduce you Legions of Nagash! The box is no longer available, which is a shame, because I find both models and fraction a very interesting choice. The Legion was built using: Necromancer, 5 Grave Guards and 10 Skeleton Warriors. Painting job was inspired by orginal painting Warcry: Legions of Nagash

BloodBowl – The Champions of Death Team

Shambling team full of ghouls, zombies and mummies? Yes – The Champions of Death are ready for new BloodBowl League! That’s another team we had a pleasure to paint in our workshop. Miniatures have tons of details (in compare to eg. human team) and nice sculpts. Models can be converted to cool zombies for Age BloodBowl – The Champions of Death Team

Warhammer Underworlds: Sepulchral Guard

Hey! One more Shadespire warband we painted in our workshop! The Sepulchral Guard is most unusual warband, with a unique and varied set of mechanics that lend themselves to a range of playstyles. We decided to paint them similar to official colour scheme. Hope you like overall look of models! Commission painting services –

Warcry – Flesh-eater Court Warband

[:pl] Cześć! Po intensywnym weekendzie zaczynamy nowy, modelarski tydzień. Na pierwszy ogień idzie banda do wydanego niedawno skirmishowego systemu Warcry. Poniżej możecie obejrzeć pełną galerię poszczególnych jednostek. Figurki pomalowane przez artystów naszego Studia. Warcry to najnowsze dzieło Games Workshop i wszystkie znaki wskazują na to, że gra już na premierę zaliczyła sukces. Lokalne sklepy pozbyły Warcry – Flesh-eater Court Warband