Warcry – Flesh-eater Court Warband


As the first entry in the new week I would like to show you the warband for Warcry skirmish system. Below you can see a full gallery of individual units. Miniatures painted by artists from our Studio.

Warcry is the latest release from Games Workshop and all signs indicate that the game has already had a success. Local shops got rid of their stocks of starter sets very quickly, and the wave of new bands flooding us shows that the system will be supported. In addition to the new factions, the game also features card sets with statistics for the “old” units.

The game supports fast, brutal battles lasting about 1 hour, which perfectly fits the current skirmish trend. Additionally, the option of developing units and creating a campaign is strongly marked.

Soon we will be able to present you with new branches and areas…. Meanwhile – goodbye!

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