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Terrains – Age of Sigmar Scenery Sets

Hello Wargamers! Terrains are important part of our hobby – even if you have the best painted models, battle without proper gamemat and some buildings, forests and scatters feels incomplete. We had a chance to prepare a big set of fantasy terrains for one of the game stores. Below you may find just a small Terrains – Age of Sigmar Scenery Sets

40k – Terrains

Hello Wargamers! How are you doing today? In this entry, we would like to present you, bunch of 40k terrains painted by our team. In my opinion, wonderfully prepared scenery really adds a lot to overall gaming experience. Is there anything more enjoyable than battling your friends in your favorite wargaming system, using beautifully painted 40k – Terrains

40k – Orc City, Final Part

“Aim fer dat big buildin’ over der. No da uvver wun! NO DAT WUN! Zoggit, just land it ‘ere.” Hello Wargamers! The day has come! We are finally revealing Final Part of our Orc City terrains collection. Before you’ll dig into it, be sure to check out the Part I and Part II. The project 40k – Orc City, Final Part

40k – Orc City, part II

Hello Wargamers! Hope you enjoyed Part I of our Orc City and are excited for more! Today is the day when we are revealing part II. Entry will be featuring probably the most iconic part of town – the Stronghold! It comes in all shapes and colors, just purely perfectly-imperfect building! Every wall is covered 40k – Orc City, part II

40k – Orc City, part I

Hello Wargamers! I am very happy to start Orc City series today! Even though our studio is mostly known for painting miniatures, we also love dealing with other hobby jobs. Gaming with wonderfully painted miniatures is a great pleasure, but to make in an ultimate experience appropriate scenery is a must have! When I found 40k – Orc City, part I

40k – Orc City – Sneak Peek

Hello Wargamers, hope you are great! With this sneak peek, I am very excited to start all new series today! In the next few days we will be revealing one of the coolest projects we had pleasure to participate in 2020! Get your hands together for the Orc City. You’ve probably never seen anything like 40k – Orc City – Sneak Peek

Terrains – Modular Gaming Table

Hello Wargamers! Even though, our company is mostly known for painting miniatures, we don’t want to stop there! To keep developing, we are always looking for new paths and opportunities! Today, we are very happy to uncover our experimental project – Modular Gaming Table! The table was designed for Flames of War, but will work Terrains – Modular Gaming Table

Star Wars: Legion – Downed AT-ST

[:pl] Cześć! Najwyższa pora byśmy odkryli pierwszą kartę z całej serii poświęconej grze Star Wars: Legion. Dla niewtajemniczonych – jest to system bitewny wydawany prze firmę Fantasy Flight Games. Skupia się na rozgrywaniu średnie wielkości bitew osadzonych w uniwersum Star Wars. Obecnie gra obejmuje okres tzw. “starej trylogii”, czyli filmowych epizodów IV-VI. Już niedługo pojawi Star Wars: Legion – Downed AT-ST

Terrains – Zen Terrain / City

[:pl] Cześć! Niedawno w moje ręce ponownie wpadły tereny polskiej manufaktury ZEN Terrain. Kilka najmniejszych budynków, bar motocyklowy oraz dwa większe domy. Jakość wykonania części stoi na naprawdę dobrym poziomie. Elementy przychodzą do nas zapakowane w kartonowe opakowania, instrukcje są dość klarowne, a części idealnie wycięte. Składanie przebiega bezproblemowo i każdy element pasuje do drugiego. Terrains – Zen Terrain / City