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40k – Kill Team Mix #2

Sort of the latest Kill Team Commissions Karskin Shock Troops are a specialized regiment within the Astra Militarum of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Renowned for their resilience and adaptability, Karskin troopers excel in combat across treacherous and inhospitable environments. These battle-hardened soldiers are extensively trained to navigate rugged terrain, making them invaluable assets in jungle 40k – Kill Team Mix #2

40k – Yellow Drukhari Army

The Swift and Cruel – Drukhari in Warhammer 40k If you want a commission, remember that you can just contact us! The Drukhari, also known as the Dark Eldar, are a faction in the tabletop wargame Warhammer 40,000. They are an ancient and twisted race of Eldar who reside in the twisted city of Commorragh, 40k – Yellow Drukhari Army

40k – Drukhari Purple

“We are the lords of despair, masters of terror. Dread and agony are our meat and wine, and they are plentiful indeed!“ Hello there! From the dark parts of the Milky Way galaxy, we bring you a Drukhari army painted in a purple color scheme. The Drukhari (Aeldarix malum), also known as the “Dark Ones” 40k – Drukhari Purple

40k – Ork Super-Knights Converted Army

“Waaaaaaaaaghh!” Hello there! Today we have a very special project to show you. We present you a built-up-from-scratch Ork Super-Knights army for Warhammer 40k. That was a very time consuming project. Firstly we need to build up these “little” robots from scratches and bits, just as Orks do in the Universe of 41st Millenium. After 40k – Ork Super-Knights Converted Army

40k – Harlequin Army – Galaxy Scheme

Hello Wargamers!   Absolutely epic project today – Harlequin army for Warhammer 40 000, painted in nebula/galaxy colour scheme. We had a plan to mix some classic patterns (chess/diamonds) and different styles of galaxy in one army. All you can see it is a mix of classic brushwork and airbrushing 🙂 All tiny patterns are 40k – Harlequin Army – Galaxy Scheme

40k – Harlequins + Raging Heroes Miniatures

Howdy Wargamers! We are begining November with an awesome project, we had pleasure to work with during summer time – Harlequins + Raging Heroes Miniatures On the pictures you will find Sslyth, Starweavers, Archon, Succubus and Haemonculus. Vehicles were the starting point for this commission. Our Client had a pretty cool vision of green metalic 40k – Harlequins + Raging Heroes Miniatures

40k – Incubi

Hello Wargamers! Hope all of you are having a wonderful Sunday 🙂 “The blade that I wield is an extantion of myself, as I am an extantion of blade. We both thirst on blood. We both seek only murder. Only in death we do find the purpse in life” – I guess, those short sentences discribe 40k – Incubi