Minis For War Painting Studio


Necromunda – House Orlock Diorama

Dive into the fascinating history of House Orlock, from their humble beginnings in the Ash Waste Nomads to their resurgence after the Crucible Schism.

Shatterpoint – Inquisitors

Hunters of the Dark Side: The Imperial Inquisition in Star Wars The Imperial Inquisition holds a significant place in the official Star Wars canon, notably showcased in the animated series Star Wars Rebels as well as Obi-Wan Kenobi Series and Games Series built around Kal Cestis. Now they have arrived in Shatterpoint! After the Jedi Shatterpoint – Inquisitors

40k – Colossal Bloodthirster with portal diorama – showcase

  Hello Wargamers! I’d like to share with you EPIC project of colossal Bloodthirster with hand made diorama. It was a big pleasure to work on such a big and unique model 🙂 This project took a really long time and was quite a challenge. Base is a mix of XPS foam, stones and resin 40k – Colossal Bloodthirster with portal diorama – showcase