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40k – Harlequin & Eldar Army

Howdy Wargamers! Hope you’ve enjoyed our last entry dedicated to Harlequins! Today, we would like to show you another project our team has been working on some time ago 🙂 We always have a lot of fun painting Harlequins and Eldars! Colors range is very wide and quite unusual to warhammer universe! With this army, 40k – Harlequin & Eldar Army

40k – Harlequins Army

“For the Harlequins there is no distinction between art and war; they are the archetypal warrior poets, travelling the labyrinthine expanses of the Webway, bringing enlightenment to their audiences and certain death to the servants of darkness.”   Howdy Wargamers! Mysterious and enigmatic even to other members of their species, the Harlequins are a the 40k – Harlequins Army

40k – Necrons – Illuminor Szeras

We know we showed you a loooot of Necrons recently, but here you have some more, we just never get tired of them! 😀 Our newest addition to Necron Army – Illuminor Szeras! The miniature is really well designed and sculpted. We put a lot of love into this model, the colors are really vivid 40k – Necrons – Illuminor Szeras

40k – Necron Army – Catacomb Command Barge

Our Necron army is almost done! Today we are adding Catacomb Command Barge! These magnificent models are vehicles for Necron Overlord allowing him to oversee the battlefield! Commission painting services: