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Kromlech – Blood Bowl Stadium

“The dream of every Fantasy Bowl player is to take part in a Grand Championship at the greatest playing field – the Fantasy Bowl Stadium itself. Not everyone had the privilege to see this majestic, huge construction. The lucky ones that were able to qualify or get a ticket to previous annual Championships, tell stories Kromlech – Blood Bowl Stadium

Blood Bowl – Athelorn Avengers

“Well my friend, see the pain never ends: that’s Blood Bowl!” Hello Spectators!  The match will start soon, come, take a look, a famous elven team is preparing for this event! The Wood Elf team, called Athelorn Avengers, is painted by our talented Artists and ready to win a match for you! Do you have Blood Bowl – Athelorn Avengers

BloodBowl – Dark Elves and Undeads

Hello Wargamers! Quick update with some Blood Bowl miniatures we painted in workshop. As you may see, our Artists made small reinforcements for Dark Elves and full Undead team 🙂 Enjoy small gallery below and stay tuned. More updates soon!

BloodBowl – Human and Underworld teams & more monsters!

Hello Wargamers! New huuuge pack of BloodBowl teams on our website! This time two different human teams and some really cool Skavens&Goblins 😀 As you may see, we painted a few monster players too – giant rat, trolls and ratogre. Enjoy full gallery below 🙂 Commission painting services:

BloodBowl – Khorne Team / Star Players / Ork Teams

Hello Wargamers! Today I have so many Blood Boowl teams to show you 😀 As you may see there are some unique star players from small manufactures and classic Reikland Reavers team stylised to Khorne workshippers. As a small bonus two Ork teams painted in lovely blue&white colours. All teams are ready for bloody games. BloodBowl – Khorne Team / Star Players / Ork Teams

BloodBowl – Three Teams!

Hello Wargamers! BloodBowl is still very popular and supported game. Today I’d like to show you three different teams we painted over past few months – Reiklan Reavers, Wolfenburg Crypt-Stealers and Elven Union. It’s good to see this system alive – leagues are played all over the world 😀 If you want to join and BloodBowl – Three Teams!

BloodBowl -The Fire Mountain Gut Busters

Hey Wargamers! Happy to announce another team for BloodBowl game from Games Workshop – The Fire Mountain Gut Busters! Put your hand together for brutal Ogre-power combined with veritable swarm of Gnoblars. See you on the playground! Commission painitng services:

BloodBowl – The Gouged Eye – Orc Team

Another BloodBowl team, we had a pleasure to work with: The Gouged Eye an Orc Team! These guys don’t play fair and are supported by fearsome Troll, would you dare challenging them? Commission painting services:

BloodBowl – The Champions of Death Team

Shambling team full of ghouls, zombies and mummies? Yes – The Champions of Death are ready for new BloodBowl League! That’s another team we had a pleasure to paint in our workshop. Miniatures have tons of details (in compare to eg. human team) and nice sculpts. Models can be converted to cool zombies for Age BloodBowl – The Champions of Death Team

BloodBowl – Nurgle’s Rotters Team

Hey Wargamers! Another team for BloodBowl game from Games Workshop. Nurgle’s  players are totally rotten, mutated and covered with guts, claws and warts. We decided to follow official, boxart colour scheme. Team is definitely ready for a new League! Miniatures are also perfect for chaos cultists conversions / additional poxwalkers. Some heads and hand swaps BloodBowl – Nurgle’s Rotters Team