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Kromlech – Blood Bowl Stadium

“The dream of every Fantasy Bowl player is to take part in a Grand Championship at the greatest playing field – the Fantasy Bowl Stadium itself. Not everyone had the privilege to see this majestic, huge construction. The lucky ones that were able to qualify or get a ticket to previous annual Championships, tell stories about comfortable spectators’ seats, innovative usage (as well as a true festival) of space, architectonic mastery, dugouts of enormous capacity, towers taller than the tallest giants, and even free hot dogs prepared by the best dwarven chefs!”

Hello there!

Today we want to show you Blood Bowl stadium painted for our partner that became their product image for it!

Whole Stadium is fully modular and consist of 21 elements: 2 long tribunes, 4 dice towers, 2 short tribunes, 2 dugouts, 1 score tower, 4 light towers, 4 corners, 1 staircase and 1 slot cover.

Blood Bowl itself is a miniature board game made by Jervis Johnson for the Games Workshop as a parody of american football. Two players led their teams of fantastic creatures (such as orcs, dwarves, elves etc) to perform more touchdowns (getting the ball over the line into an opponent’s end zone) before the game ends.

It’s very big (55,1×39,4×14,2 inches) and was a little bit challenging but we have done it.

Here you can buy one for yourself

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