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Adepticon – Star Wars: Shatterpoint Reveals

Adepticon: Star Wars: Shatterpoint Reveals

This is our third post about new releases revealed during Adepticon 2023!

In this one we will cover Star Wars: Shatterpoint reveals of products that we will get in upcoming months after game premiere.

Shown miniatures cover both eras: the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War. We already know that the second one will come into live few months after June but sculpts looks pretty astounding and we can’t wait to see more miniatures in the future (where’s Bad Batch, hello?)

If you want to book a commission for Shatterpoint, wait no longer and contact us!

In Star Wars: Shatterpoint players will rivalize in order to get control of objectives that will change at a course of game. Each player will control two squads consisted of four miniatures each. We will have pleasure to control characters well known from movies as well as from animated and live action series. Interesting thing is that you can mix up different factions on the same list (for example you can let Anakin and Luke fight together hand-by-hand as father and son).

We’re quite hyped for this game and you will definitely find some guides for it as soon as possible after release <3

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