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warhammer fantasy battle

9th Age/ WFB – Gamezone Dark Elves Cavalery

Hello Wargamers! Our gaming world is dominated by GW, but have ever been thinking about trying out some new manufacturers? In today’s entry, we would like to present you Dark Elves Cavalery by Gamezone. In my opinion they are a great addition to any 28mm fantasy system. If you are worried by a little about 9th Age/ WFB – Gamezone Dark Elves Cavalery

AoS – Classic Dwarfs

There is something magical about old-school miniatures. Couple weeks ago our team painted unit of a Warhammer Fantasy Battle Dwarfs. As it usually is, the miniatures were made of metal, which always makes it a little more difficult to work with. Afterall pretty happy how we handled the project. Really like combination of silvers, golds AoS – Classic Dwarfs