Minis For War Painting Studio


Adeptus Titanicus – Loyalist Army

“No weapon in the arsenal of the Imperium or the Traitor equals the Titan on the battlefield, and a Legion of such war machines can bring any world to its knees. In truth a Titan has only three enemies: folly, hubris and another of its own kind.“ Hello there! Have you ever heard about the Adeptus Titanicus – Loyalist Army

AoS – Mix of Projects

Hello there!  Today we came up with a mix of some recent projects from Warhammer Age of Sigmar. There you can find Gotrek, a dwarf slayer (which his fame and glory is definitely higher than Gotrek himself), Verminlord Warbringer, an avatar of Horned Rat, the Supreme God of Skaven and a Mortis Engine, a horrific AoS – Mix of Projects