Minis For War Painting Studio


BattleTech – House Davion

“”Join the Army, see the Galaxy!” …  What the hell was I thinking?!” Hello there! We are happy to show you miniatures from the Davion miniatures for BattleTech the Game of Armored Combat. House Davion are the founders of Federated Suns – the most powerful and largest of the Successor States to occupy the Inner BattleTech – House Davion

Battletech – Starter Set

Hey! Today I would like to show you miniatures from Battletech Game of Armored Combat –  Starter Set. These little but detailed mechs are awesome! Miniatures are made of soft plastic and some cleaning and removing of mould lines is absolutely necessary. The key to this paintjob is pre-shading and and really thin layers of Battletech – Starter Set