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40k – WarGame Exclusive Adepta Sororitas

Hello there! Here we want to show you quite unique miniatures produced by WarGame Exclusive and painted by our talented Artists! Miniatures are a new point of view on Adepta Sororitas’ army from the 40k Imperium. WarGame Exclusive is a tabletop wargaming company based in Ukraine. They specialize in producing high-quality resin miniatures, accessories, and 40k – WarGame Exclusive Adepta Sororitas

40k – Sisters of Battle

“The Emperor is our Father and our Guardian, but we must also Guard the Emperor.“ Hello there!  We want to show you some Adepta Sororitas models painted a while ago.  The Adepta Sororitas is colloquially called the “Sisterhood”. Its military arm is also known as the Sisters of Battle and formerly as the Daughters of 40k – Sisters of Battle

40k – Sisters of Battle Forces

Hello Wargamers! I hope you had a great week 🙂 Today I’d like to share with you small project with Sisters of Battle models. Everything painted in official, classic color scheme. Below you may see detailed gallery with units 🙂 If you want to order your own SoB forces – send me a message: