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Bolt Action – Eighth Army

Eighth Army, a multinational force pivotal in World War II’s pivotal campaigns

FoW – British Army

The British Army: Courageous Defenders and Liberators The British Army during World War II played a pivotal role in both defending the British Isles and liberating Europe from Axis occupation. With their indomitable spirit and well-honed military tactics, the British forces stood as a formidable bulwark against enemy advances. In Flames of War, the British FoW – British Army

Star Wars – Collectible Galactic Empire

The Military Might of the Galactic Empire: Exploring the Forces That Kept the Galaxy Under Control The Galactic Empire military forces were one of the most powerful and imposing military forces in the galaxy. They were responsible for maintaining law and order throughout the Empire and defending it against any threats, both internal and external. Star Wars – Collectible Galactic Empire

Flames of War – Spearhead Division

The Mighty 3rd Armored Division: A Miniature Tribute to a Spearhead of US Military Might The 3rd Armored Division, also known as the “Spearhead Division,” was a highly decorated armored division of the United States Army that served during World War II and the Cold War. The division was activated in 1941 and saw extensive Flames of War – Spearhead Division

Battletech / Mechwarrior – Battlegroups

Hello Wargamers! Special post with unique miniatures – I’d like to show you some different battlegroups from Strato Minis Studio. This manufacture is specialized in sci-fi military models and you can check full range of their products HERE. Red unit comes from Death Ray Desigs Small scales are super challenging because you have to find Battletech / Mechwarrior – Battlegroups

Flames of War – British Army Tanks

This is how we represent British Army tanks for Flames of War system in 15mm scale⚡️ We were inspired by historical military camouflage – it is not 1:1. We tried with more subtle and deceptive colors. ???? Really like the Bishop, but it had a very high turret which was a huge disadvantage in desert warfare Flames of War – British Army Tanks