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40k – Indomitus Necron Army

“Cast off the shackles of your slumber! The galaxy shall be ours once again!” Hello Wargamers! Hope you are enjoying your weekend! In this post, we would like to introduce you to a Necron half of Indomitus! In my opinion, the set is a great entry point for all beginners, who would like to start 40k – Indomitus Necron Army

40k – Blue Necron Army

“We are born for a darker purpose than that of mere existence.” Howdy Wargamers! Today’s entry is a continuation of a small Necron army we posted back in July 2020. Miniatures are painted with our custom painting scheme, dominated by blue and orange tones. In my opinion, it captures Necron’s mystirity and malevolence just perfectly, 40k – Blue Necron Army

40k – Necron Army

Hi Folks! Today we’d like to show you the Necron army in a little different color scheme! How do you guys like them in blue? Imho that little play on colors gives them an Abyss-look which suits this ancient army pretty well! Our Necron forces consist of: Necron Overlord, Necron Cryptek and Necron Immortals. Stay 40k – Necron Army

40k – Necron Army – Triarch Stalker

  Triarch Stalker is another cool vehicle for Necron Army. This enormous mechanical spider may serve as anti-armour or anti-infantry platform on the battlefield. Controlled by Triarch Praetorian, this vehicle is a very dangerous opponent for all 40k units. Commission painting services:

40k – Necron Army – Tesseract Vault

  Collosal warmachine and prison for C’tan essence – Tesseract Vault. It’s one of the biggest vehicles and centerpiece of each Necron army. This is a part of huge Necron army we paint in the Studio. Stay tuned for next updates! Commission painting services –

40k – Necron Army – Immortals & Cryptek

Silent King is coming! Servants of this almighty Lord are ready to conquer the galaxy again. So many new units are coming with 9th edition release 🙂 Today I would like to share with you really big pack of Necron Immortals lead by Cryptek. It is a part of big army we made in our 40k – Necron Army – Immortals & Cryptek