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AoS –  Tzeentch Warband & Other Hereos

Hello Everyone! Tzeentch, also known as a changer of ways is a chaos god of change, evolution and sorcery. He who weaves the threads that connect every action, plot and subtle intrigue in the galaxy-wide game of manipulation.  Tzeentch does not plot towards some end, he schemes simply to scheme. At the same time, he AoS –  Tzeentch Warband & Other Hereos

Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Heroes

  Hello Wargamers! Until 2020 movie industry was on it’s peak. We had great superhero movies coming out almost every month. Then, we all know what has happened… Today, we would like to bring, some of those good memories back. Get yourself comfortable and enjoy heroes from Marvel Crisis Protocol 🙂 Although there is a Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Heroes