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40k – Harlequin Army – Galaxy Scheme

Hello Wargamers!   Absolutely epic project today – Harlequin army for Warhammer 40 000, painted in nebula/galaxy colour scheme. We had a plan to mix some classic patterns (chess/diamonds) and different styles of galaxy in one army. All you can see it is a mix of classic brushwork and airbrushing 🙂 All tiny patterns are 40k – Harlequin Army – Galaxy Scheme

40k – Harlequin Army

Hello Wargamers! Another big project painted by our great Artists – Harlequin Army! I say this a lot lately, but we have more and more interesting, demanding projects in the studio that are a good challenge for us. It’s incredibly exciting and I really appreciate that you trust our skills! Below you may find detailed 40k – Harlequin Army