Minis For War Painting Studio

Empire of Man

40k – Astra Militarum Vehicles

“Men, we are the first, last and often only line of defense the Imperium has against what is out there. You and that fine piece of Imperial weaponry you hold in your hands is all that is keeping humanity alive. Most of you will probably not live to see your second year in the Guard 40k – Astra Militarum Vehicles

Board Games: Starcide the Wargame

Greetings Wargames community 🙂 Did you miss board game posts? Starcide is a fast-paced skirmish wargame in 32mm scale from Archon Studio. The action takes place in a dystopian Sci-Fi world. In the game you will find fractions from Sci-Fi and Fantasy dominions including: Legion of the Black Sun, Locus, Na’vo, Prometheans, and the Empire Board Games: Starcide the Wargame