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40k – Ragnar and Ghazghkull

They are finally here! We’ve been waiting so long for Ragnar and Ghazghkull to come out and recreate an epic battle! As some of you may know, Ragnar took on Ghazgkull in White Dwarf battle report and even then Black Mane was seeking to claim the head of the Orc Warlord. The history was also 40k – Ragnar and Ghazghkull

Board Games: Dreadfleet

Ahoy land rats! Get on the board! Welcome to turbulent waters of Warhammer World! You might have missed on this one as it was released back in 2011 and quickly discontinued. Shame on you Games Workshop! Dreadfleet is a board game for two players, each of you will be commanding your own fleet! You can either Board Games: Dreadfleet

40k – Necron Indomitus Heroes

“Order. Unity. Obedience. We taught the galaxy these things long ago, and we will do so again.” Howdy Wargamers! I guess we can all agree July felt like Christmas with upcoming Indomitus set! Games Workshop really treated us with this one πŸ™‚ In today’s short entery I’d would like you introduce Necron Heroes we’ve been 40k – Necron Indomitus Heroes

Star Wars: Legion – Crashed Escape Pod

“I don’t know what all this trouble is about, but I’m sure it must be your fault.” – C-3PO, Star Wars: A New Hope. Hi! Today we would like to show you Star Wars: Legion Set – Crashed Escape Pod we painted recently πŸ™‚ On the pictures you will find your (probably) favorite droids from Star Wars: Legion – Crashed Escape Pod

Wargames Atlantic – Persian Infantry and Halfling Militia

Howdy Wargamers! Today we would like to show you some of the test models we painted for Wargames Atlantic. Our artists had a pleasure to work with Persian Infantry and Halfling Militia. The miniatures are very well manufactured, really like the sculpts. Painting them was a really nice experience πŸ™‚ Commission painitng services:

Star Wars: Legion – Darth Vader

Luke, I am your father! In today’s entery we will be showing you one of most iconic characters on the planet – Darth Vader! The miniature comes from Fantasy’s Flight Games skirmish game – Star Wars: Legion. Painted to match the movie-standard, really like the little features on him such like OSL. Stay tuned πŸ™‚ Star Wars: Legion – Darth Vader

Lord of the Rings/ Hobbit – Rohan Army

Hello Wargamers! Today we are revealing Rohan army from Lord of the Rings/ Hobbit supported by Gandalf the Grey! Our army is based on Eomer, Gamling and Rohan elite units – Rohan Royal Guards. The paintjob is inspired on Games Workshop’s box art, but we added a little more red to make them stand out Lord of the Rings/ Hobbit – Rohan Army