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cities of sigmar

AoS – Cities of Sigmar

Intricate fabric of Cities of Sigmar, navigating the post-Vedra Reformation landscape

AoS – Cities of Sigmar Warmachines

Hello Wargamers! Any Cities of Sigmar fans here? I’d like to show you so many classic warmachines for this army – Gyrocopters, Steam Tank, Celestal Hurricanum and Luminark 😀 These models are really old but they are still great to paint. Luminark is just a bit overloaded with unnecessary details. Enjoy the gallery below! If AoS – Cities of Sigmar Warmachines

AoS – Cities of Sigmar / Free People

Cities of Sigmar are a strange mix of old Empire, Dark Elves, Wood Elves and Dwarfs (and sometimes High Elves) where you can find many units from old editions of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. This has its own undeniable appeal and gives you the opportunity to compose a truly unique army. Today I would like to AoS – Cities of Sigmar / Free People