Minis For War Painting Studio


WarCry – Iron Golems

WarCry Tuesday! Another fraction we would like to show you today – Iron Golems – inhabitants of Ferrium Mountains in Chamon. The Iron Golems are very tough and merciless people who govern over their kingdom with an iron fist. The models are really awesome, just check out this wargear! Commission painting services:

WarCry – Fyreslayers

We are continuing the WarCry series! Another band to awesome game of WarCry – Fyreslayers! Fyreslayers are fearless mercenaries warriors. They will serve anyone willing to pay them in ur-gold, the mysterious ore that fueling their unnatural strength. Really happy with the look we achieved with those models! Commission painting services:  

WarCry – Core Set

WarCry is a brutal skirmish, where players fight with each other to reach eternal glory! The game takes place in fantasy universe of Mortal Realms where chaos bands constantly solicit for favors of Choas Gods by spilling blood! In the core set you will find everything you need to start hop-in to WarCry World! Warbands WarCry – Core Set