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Legion – Shadow Collective Army

Our combined strength will be rewarded. Mandalore will be yours, and Kenobi, this Sith pretender Dooku and all our enemies… will fall.

Hello there!

Here we go with a whole army of Shadow Collective for Star Wars Legion.

Shadow Collective was a large criminal alliance founded by Maul. Among its goals, it sought to defeat Galactic Republic as well as Confederacy of Independent Systems (known as CIS or Separatists) and threaten the Palpatine plan, competing with him for galactic power. In base of its power the organization rallied the forces of Black Suns, Pykes, Death Watch, Hutt Clan and even Nightbrothers.

There you can see models from mentioned Black Suns and Pykes as well as Mandalorian Super Commandos (a specialist group of Deathwatch led by Rook Kast, Gar Saxon and Maul himself), some well-known Bounty Hunters (Boba Fett, Bossk, Cad Bane). There are also some vehicles – Swoop Bikes and A-A5. 

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