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Infinity O-12 Torchlight Brigade Action Pack

How to start O-12 Infinity Faction?

Infinity O-12 Torchlight Brigade Action Pack

How to start O-12 Infinity Faction?

In this article we want to talk about the Infinity O-12 – one of the factions from the Corvus Belli game. From the lore tid-bits, through the optimal boxes for start collecting them, to finally few words about the strategy itself. And remember, that if you want a commission, you can simply contact us and book your own Infinity army today!

Understanding O-12

Introduction to the Human Sphere’s Tactical Police Branch

The Human Sphere, can be a chaotic place. To maintain order and enforce justice across the stars, a powerful governing body was established: the O-12. Evolving from the familiar United Nations of Earth’s past, the O-12 holds far greater autonomy.

Acting as the arbiter, judge, and jury of interstellar disputes, the O-12 fulfills a critical role. It safeguards weaker nations from exploitation and prevents the strong from abusing their power. 

To uphold these principles, the O-12 is equipped with a dedicated tactical police branch – Bureau Aegis – a force known for its elite operatives and unwavering commitment to justice. Furthermore, the O-12 exerts control over all international systems deemed essential for the smooth operation of the Human Sphere. 

In essence, the O-12 stands as a beacon of stability amidst the interstellar squabbles, ensuring the Human Sphere can continue to thrive.

Sectorials of the Infinity O-12 faction

O-12 - Starmada

Starmada: This sectorial focuses on advanced technology and space operations. While further details are secret, it’s likely to feature units heavily reliant on starships, orbital drops, and cutting-edge weaponry.

O-12 - Torchlight Brigade

Torchlight Brigade: This well-established sectorial comprises elite veterans handpicked from across the O-12. They specialize in operating in remote locations, with Striders for recon, versatile Silverstar Rovers for diverse tasks, and Nimrod and Hellblazer operatives for focused firepower.

Building Your First Team

Contents of the O-12 Torchlight Brigade Action Pack

The Torchlight Brigade, a clandestine unit formed from O-12’s elite, stands ready to illuminate the darkest corners of the Human Sphere. These veterans, honed in Bureau Aegis and Bureau Noir, answer the call when new planets beckon or remote settlements cry out for justice.

This action pack delivers the core of your Torchlight Brigade army with 9 miniatures:

  • A pathfinder Strider infiltrates enemy lines.

  • A sharpshooting Nimrod takes down foes from afar.

  • Yellowjackets, Hellblazers (both SMG and Shotgun), and versatile Silverstar Rovers (HMG, MULTI Rifle, and Paramedic) provide a balanced force.

  • Leading the charge is the Silverstar Prime, a powerhouse wielding a devastating HMG.

Crafted from a mix of metal and high-quality plastic, this pack is the perfect springboard for your adventures with the Corvus Belli Infinity!

I aimed for a High (level 2). However metal miniatures require extra attention, so I pushed the quality level a bit higher. The color scheme is a more intense version of the box-art. The client wanted a vibrant look, so I really cranked up the contrast and used even bolder colors. To keep things interesting with large areas of one color, I used a variety of shades within that same hue.
Painter in Minis For War

More power for the O-12

Looking for some reinforcements to your first O-12 army?

Reinforcements: O-12 Pack Alpha provides six unique miniatures, each fulfilling a crucial role:

  • Jackboot with Spitfire: This frontline fighter brings heavy firepower with their Spitfire flamethrower, ideal for clearing entrenched enemies.

  • Jackboot Engineer with Submachine Gun: A versatile trooper, the Jackboot Engineer provides repairs and combat support with their submachine gun.

  • Jackboot Forward Observer with Combi Rifle: A battlefield tactician, the Forward Observer uses a combi rifle to gather intel and coordinate attacks.

  • Vidocq Doctor with Boarding Shotgun: This combat medic keeps your troops fighting fit with medical expertise, while the boarding shotgun provides close-quarters defense.

  • Vidocq with MULTI Marksman Rifle: A master sniper, the Vidocq eliminates high-value targets with their MULTI marksman rifle.

  • Ment with Light Shotgun: This psionic warrior disrupts enemy plans with mental assaults, and the light shotgun adds close-range firepower.

Reinforcements: O-12 Pack Beta

The O-12’s Special War Operations and Reconnaissance Division (SWORDFOR) deploys its elite Gladius Teams when local authorities require expert assistance. These highly skilled operatives act as the “big brother,” stepping in where local resources fall short.

Reinforcements: O-12 Pack Beta delivers three such specialists:

  • Cuervo Goldstein with Boarding Shotgun: This veteran leader brings experience and firepower, wielding a boarding shotgun for close-quarters combat.

  • Casanova NOC Operative: A master of disguise and infiltration, Casanova utilizes covert tactics to gather intel and disrupt enemy operations.

  • Bronze with Red Fury: A fearsome warrior adept at close combat, Bronze unleashes the fury of the Red Fury combi-rifle.

Winning with O-12

Strategies for Victory

The O-12 are humanity’s elite enforcers, renowned for their exceptional training in Bureau Aegis and advanced equipment. This translates into a strategic approach that emphasizes control and tactical maneuvering.

Here’s how to leverage Infinity O-12’s strengths to dominate the battlefield:

Utilize High Control: O-12’s strength lies in their ability to manipulate the flow of the game. Focus on deploying units with Infiltration and Camouflage skills to gain early map presence and disrupt your opponent’s plans. This dominance in troop positioning allows you to dictate engagements and claim strategic objectives.

Leverage Advanced Deployment: With access to skills like Forward Deployment and Airborne Insertion, O-12 can strategically place key units behind enemy lines or in critical locations. Use this to your advantage to launch surprise attacks, secure vital objectives, or cut off enemy reinforcements.

Deny Your Opponent: Remember, tempo is key in Infinity. By controlling the battlefield through smart deployment, infiltration, and objective denial, you can severely limit your opponent’s options. Force them to react to your maneuvers, disrupting their strategy and ultimately leading to their downfall.

By mastering these core principles, you can transform your Infinity O-12 force into a well-oiled machine of law and order, ensuring victory across the battlefields of the Human Sphere.

If you want to read more about the lore of the Infinity, you can visit the official website here.

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