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AoS – Seraphon Army (Display Lord Kroak)

A Feast for the Eyes: Unleash the Inner Jungle with Our Vibrantly Painted Seraphon Army for Age of Sigmar

The realms of Age of Sigmar are a battleground between Order and Chaos. Among the champions of Order stand the enigmatic Seraphon, a race of reptilian beings wielding the power of the stars themselves. Their origins are shrouded in mystery, their motives veiled in cryptic pronouncements from their amphibian mage-priests, the Slann. Yet, one thing is certain: the Seraphon are a potent force for Order, wielding celestial magic and fearsome reptilian warriors to combat the ever-encroaching tide of Chaos. 

This army includes Lord Kroak painted on the Display Level. If you also want to your centerpiece of army to shine across the battlefield, contact us and let’s talk about your vision!

From Ancient Times: The Legacy of the Old Ones

The roots of the Seraphon lie in the distant past, connected to the mysterious Old Ones, an ancient race credited with shaping the first iteration of the Warhammer Fantasy world. Back then, they were known as Lizardmen, a civilization steeped in magic and inhabiting vast, steamy jungles. When the world was shattered and reborn as the Mortal Realms of Age of Sigmar, some Lizardmen, led by the wise Slann, escaped aboard celestial arks.

These arks traversed the celestial dimension, the Slann drawing power from the starlight itself. Over eons, the Lizardmen were transformed, becoming the Seraphon – beings infused with celestial energy. Their scales shimmered with starlight, their forms imbued with a strange, otherworldly grace.

Celestial Might: The Power of the Stars

The Seraphon wields a unique form of magic in Age of Sigmar: celestial magic. It draws upon the raw power of the cosmos, manifesting as bolts of starlight, shimmering shields, and potent invocations that warp reality. This magic sets them apart from other Order factions, making them valuable allies in the fight against Chaos.

Slann Mage-Priests: At the pinnacle of Seraphon society stands the Slann. These ancient, amphibian beings are immensely powerful mages, their minds vast repositories of arcane knowledge. They guide the Seraphon with cryptic pronouncements, their true motives a subject of much speculation.

Saurus Warriors: The backbone of the Seraphon army is the Saurus, a race of powerfully built reptilian warriors. They are stoic and disciplined units, wielding a variety of weapons – from obsidian blades to thunderous star-maces. Their scales offer natural protection, and their loyalty to the Slann is absolute.

Skink Skirmishers: The nimble Skink act as scouts, skirmishers, and attendants to the Saurus. They are quick and cunning units, masters of ranged weaponry and adept at setting traps.

Monsters of Myth: Alongside these core forces, the Seraphon deploy a menagerie of monstrous beasts. From the colossal Stegadons – living battering rams armed with razor-sharp spines – to the cunning Kroxigors, these creatures inspire fear in the hearts of even the most hardened foe.

The Enigma of Purpose: The Seraphon's Unclear Goals

The ultimate goal of the Seraphon remains shrouded in mystery. While they fight alongside the forces of Order, their motivations are often cryptic. Some believe they are simply fulfilling an ancient directive from the Old Ones, programmed to combat Chaos wherever it arises. Others theorize they seek to manipulate the cosmic balance for their own unknown purposes.

This ambiguity adds to the allure of the Seraphon. They are a force of nature, a whirlwind of celestial fury unpredictable yet undeniably potent.

Seraphon on the Tabletop

In the tabletop game of Age of Sigmar, the Seraphon are a versatile and powerful army. They offer a blend of brutal melee power from the Saurus and Skink, with ranged options and potent magic fueled by the Slann.


  • Powerful Magic: The Slann offer a wide array of spells, from offensive blasts to defensive wards.
  • Durable Warriors: Saurus warriors are some of the toughest fighters in the game, bolstered by their natural armor.
  • Monstrous Might: Dinosaurs and other colossal creatures bring devastating firepower and battlefield control.
  • Internal Synergy: Many Seraphon units benefit from buffs and abilities from other Seraphon models, creating a cohesive army.


  • Limited Mobility: The Saurus, while strong, are not the fastest troops. Clever positioning is crucial.
  • Magic Reliance: The loss of a key Slann mage can significantly weaken the Seraphon army.
  • Leadership Dependency: Many Seraphon units rely on nearby leaders for buffs and morale, making them vulnerable to targeted attacks.

Playing Seraphon can be a rewarding experience. They offer a unique blend of tactical depth and powerful units, allowing players to unleash a celestial storm upon their foes.

If you also want to make you army alive like never before, contact us and let’s talk about your commission!

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