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WFB – Ogres and Yethees

The new mountains gave us shelter… We made fire in their mouths… The tribes split the lands… The Tyrants roared and foughtThere were many kingdoms… It was good for many wintersThe tribes grew and grew too much. Now we follow the sun once more

Hello there!

Today we have some Ogres and Yetis from Warhammer Fantasy Battle (progenitor of Age of Sigmar) to show you!

The massive and vicious Ogre race owns the Ogre Kingdoms as their legitimate and sovereign territory. Wandering Ogre tribes can be seen wreaking havoc all over the world, building several fortresses, and pillaging far-off, exotic areas that no man will ever see in their lifetime. However, all Ogres consider the dispersed tribe kingdoms that rule the slopes and river valleys of the Mountains of Mourn their true, hard-won homeland, regardless of how far away they may be. As a sacrifice to their own gluttonous appetite and their perpetually hungry God, the Great Maw, strong Tyrants rule over their own terrible kingdoms here, amid the freezing peaks and scorching blizzards. They engage in warfare with one another and plunder, extort, and ransack everything in their path.


Thundertusk Beastriders

Icefall Yhetees


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