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WFB – Ogre Kingdoms

The Mighty and Savage Ogres of the Warhammer Fantasy

The Ogre Kingdoms are a faction in the Warhammer Fantasy tabletop game and lore, known for their brutal strength and insatiable appetite. These monstrous creatures, also known as Ogres, hail from the Mountains of Mourn, a harsh and treacherous range located to the east of the Old World.

The Ogres are a nomadic people, constantly on the move in search of food to satisfy their massive appetites. They are massive and muscular creatures, with tough skin and prodigious strength, capable of tearing through armor and breaking bones with ease. They also possess a keen sense of smell, which they use to track their prey from miles away.

Despite their fearsome appearance and savage demeanor, Ogres have a distinct culture of their own. They value strength and prowess in battle above all else and respect those who prove themselves in combat. They also have a love of food, and many of their social gatherings revolve around large feasts and eating competitions.

The Ogres are divided into tribes, each led by a powerful tyrant who commands the loyalty of his kin through strength and intimidation. These tyrants are often accompanied by powerful bodyguards known as Bulls, who are just as fearsome and capable as their leaders.

In battle, the Ogres rely on their brute strength and durability to overpower their foes. They wield massive weapons such as clubs and swords, and their Bulls often charge into the enemy lines to break them apart. Ogres are also capable of hurling rocks and boulders at their enemies with deadly accuracy, and they often ride into battle on massive, tusked beasts known as Stonehorns and Rhinoxen.

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