WFB – Bretonnia Display Army

Bretonnia – moving back in time with magnificent Display miniatures!

Bretonnia is a feudal kingdom that is heavily inspired by medieval Europe, and their army is a reflection of this. The Bretonnian army is known for its knights, who are the backbone of their military forces. They are heavily armored and highly skilled in mounted combat, and their weapons are often enchanted with powerful magic.

This army is painted to Display Level by us. There you can see many non-metallic metal elements as well as advanced OSL and a high amount of details and highlights. If you want to see another full display army check these Dragons. All miniatures presented here are 3D printed, files are from Lost Kingdom Miniatures

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The different types of Bretonnian knights include Knights Errant, Knights of the Realm, Questing Knights, and Grail Knights. Knights Errant are the lowest rank of knights, and they are constantly seeking to prove themselves worthy of becoming a full-fledged Knight of the Realm. Knights of the Realm are the core of the Bretonnian army, and they are highly effective at charging into enemy formations and breaking them apart. Questing Knights are a rare but highly skilled type of knight that have dedicated their lives to seeking the Holy Grail. They are often sent on dangerous quests to prove their worthiness. Grail Knights are the most elite of all the Bretonnian knights, and they have been blessed by the Lady of the Lake. They are the ultimate symbol of chivalry and honor, and they are feared by their enemies.

In addition to their knights, the Bretonnian army has a variety of infantry units, including Peasant Bowmen, Men-at-Arms, and Foot Squires. Peasant Bowmen are lightly armed and armored, and they are primarily used to harass enemy forces from a distance. Men-at-Arms are more heavily armed and armored, and they are often used to hold the line against enemy infantry. Foot Squires are highly trained infantry units that are used to support the knights in battle.

The Bretonnian army also has access to a variety of artillery units, including the powerful Trebuchet. This massive siege weapon is capable of hurling massive rocks and other projectiles at enemy fortifications and units, and it can cause massive damage when used effectively.

In terms of tactics, the Bretonnian army is highly mobile and relies on their knights to charge into enemy formations and break them apart. They are also highly effective at flanking maneuvers, using their cavalry to strike at vulnerable enemy units from the sides or rear. The Bretonnian army is not particularly strong in ranged combat, so they often rely on their infantry to hold the line while their knights charge into battle.

In terms of lore, the Bretonnian army is a chivalrous and honorable force that is dedicated to the Lady of the Lake. The Lady is a mystical figure who is worshipped as a goddess by the people of Bretonnia, and she grants blessings to those who prove themselves worthy. The knights of Bretonnia are bound by a strict code of chivalry, and they are expected to be brave, honorable, and selfless in battle. They often undertake dangerous quests in order to prove their worthiness and earn the favor of the Lady. The Bretonnian army is also known for its griffin cavalry, which is ridden by the legendary Grail Knights. These powerful beasts are fiercely loyal to their riders, and they are a fearsome sight on the battlefield.

Overall, the Bretonnian army is a formidable force on the battlefield, with their powerful knights leading the charge. Their strict code of chivalry and devotion to the Lady of the Lake make them a unique and fascinating faction in the Warhammer Fantasy Battle world.

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