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Warhammer Underworlds: Hrotgorn Mantrapper & Grashrak Ravagers

Good morning Wargamers!

In today’s short post we will uncover another two warbands from Warhammer Underworlds. We really do love that skirmish system, very enjoyable to play. Besides gaming itself, deck building is also a pretty nice experience. I guess it’s a perfect option for those, who cannot decide weather they want to play Warhammer or they favorite LCG game 🙂

Miniatures are exactly as you would want them to be – dynamic, superbly designed, packed with tons of details. Hrotgorn Mantrapper are our own idea. We were inspired by trolls from ice cold nordic mythology. Grashrak Ravagers are painted in two variations. Both accordingly to a boxart, with little extras, to make them unique and even more interesting. Which one is your favorite?

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