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AoS – Skaventide Round-Up

Age of Sigmar: Skaventide Round-Up with Northern Invasion and Broken Realms Glasgow!

And here is our small, special surprise – we asked Matt Matyasik from Broken Realms Glasgow and Stuart West from Northern Invasion TV what they think about upcoming Skaventide Core Set for #newaos and we want to share the answers!

What an amazing time ahead of us. 4.0, new AoS version is just at the our doorstep. We are after first proper preview and let’s be honest here, GW absolutely delivered. Skaventide, new AoS launch box is fully packed with fantastic content! Children of The Great Horned Rat, The Ruination Chamber, Core Book, and brand new game mode Spearhead! Exciting time ahead. Roll on till release date!

Ooft. I went to bed last night knowing that I didn’t need the new Age of Sigmar launch box. How wrong I was. Taking aside that the box contains rulebooks for both Spearhead and the main game – plus the general’s handbook cards and some terrain, there are two entire Spearhead forces in there, both of which are packed with great models.

Each of these forces will look great on the table. We have a horde of chittering rat men and the elite army of Stormcast Eternals. My days of painting horde armies have passed so it’s the Stormcast that I am most excited about with this release. It’s great to see how the designs for these Stormcast miniatures have evolved over the past 10 years. Gone are the days where it’s impossible to distinguish what character each hero model represents and definitely gone are the days where the models look clunky and mono-pose.

We now have some wonderful looking and very distinguishable miniatures that will surely be a joy to paint. Each model looks like a character in its own right with plenty of detail and many textures to focus on.

It seems I do need the new fourth edition launch box after all…

We finally have the full presentation of the latest starter set for Age of Sigmar, which also introduces the fourth edition of the game. 

The set is one of the richest that Games Workshop has ever released. In addition to the armies and the basic rulebook, it includes several terrains and rules for a new game mode called Spearhead

Personally, I was most looking forward to the refresh of the Skaven, who definitely need new miniatures, but I was totally (and positively!) surprised by the new look of the Stormcast Eternals. They are more dynamic and grimdark, and the change to a steel color scheme suits them well. 

Games Workshop is still on an upward trend in model design, and I can’t wait to see what new miniatures they show us next.

What do you think about this type of content? We’re excited to hear opinion of such an important people from community of Age of Sigmar!

If you want us to paint your own Skaventide Starter Set, feel free to contact us!

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