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AoS – Skaventide Preview

Big Reveals for the New, 4th Edition of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar - Skaventide Core Set #newaos

Huge Reveals for the new, 4th Edition of the Warhamer: Age of Sigmar happened yesterday. Brand new Core Set, Skaventide, includes new miniatures and sculptures for the two factions – Skavens and Stormcast Eternals. Miniature looks magnificent and will look even more outstanding – professionally painted in your own collection! Have you ever complained about “How to start AoS”? Look no further, this Starter Box have all you need!

What they show: Stormcast Eternals

Stormcast Eternals, holy soldiers of Sigmar, are led by Lord-Vigilant on the Gryph-stalker who drains life straight from his enemies! Other unique miniatures are Lord-Veritant and Lord-Terminos, both chosen for their hatred for Chaos, and slashing heretics with their blade and ax. Reclusians, Prosecutors, Liberators and Knight-Questor fill up this squad of Sigmar-chosen warriors to fight hand-by-hand with the worshippers of The Great Horned Rat.

What they show: Skavens

Old, sweet children of the Great Horned Rat, Skavens get a lot of love in this box. New beautiful sculptures, as well as refreshment of the rules was what this army deserved. Their forces are led by the Clawlord on Gnaw-Beast. Their cannon fodders are Clanrats, supported with fire power from Warplock Jezzails and Ratling Warpblaster. Icing on the cake are brute Rat Ogors and prominent characters such as Grey Seer and Warlock Engineer.

What they show: Additional Content

In addition to all these phenomenal miniatures (and you still have a chance to get your own box assembled and painted by professionals!) the Games Workshop not only announced the Core Rulebook that are their standard for this type of box. Here in this Core Set we will also be provided with some official terrains and set of rules for the new game mode – Spearhead!

This will be the greatest Core Set in the Games Workshop history!

So, this is all the things you will find in the Starter Set. New Edition of the Age of Sigmar are coming in big steps. Are you prepared for #newaos? Order your own box today and pimp up your collection!

Check our previous post to see some of our painted Stormcast Eternals and Skavens.

And stay tuned as we have a small surprise for you this evening!

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