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40k – Harlequins

The Harlequins: Eldar Acrobats Who Dance Between Laughter and Death

The Warhammer 40,000 universe is a brutal and unforgiving place. In this grim darkness, the Eldar stand as a fading echo of a glorious past, clinging to survival amidst a galaxy consumed by war. Yet, within this dying race exists a peculiar anomaly: the Harlequins. These enigmatic figures are both entertainers and warriors, their motives shrouded in mystery as they flit between the shadows, putting on dazzling performances and engaging in deadly skirmishes.

Wardens of Eldar History, Masters of the Deadly Dance

Unlike most Eldar who rely on potent psychic abilities and devastating ranged weaponry, the Harlequins are masters of close combat. Their fighting style is a mesmerizing display of agility and acrobatics, a deadly dance that confuses and overwhelms their foes. Clad in shimmering costumes and grotesque masks, they weave through the battlefield, their blades flashing with lethal grace. These masks, it is said, tap into the deepest fears of their enemies, adding a psychological layer to their combat prowess.

But the Harlequins are more than just warriors. They are also the custodians of Eldar history and culture. Travelling between Craftworlds – the colossal spaceships that serve as the Eldar’s dwindling homes – through hidden Webway portals, they stage elaborate theatrical performances that recount the myths and legends of their people. These performances are not mere entertainment; they serve as a vital act of remembrance, ensuring the stories of the Eldar’s past are not lost to the encroaching darkness.

The Laughter of the Laughing God: Purpose and Mystery

The true goals of the Harlequins remain a source of endless speculation. Some believe they are merely entertaining themselves, manipulating events for their own amusement. Others whisper of a higher purpose, a cryptic service to a mysterious entity known only as the Laughing God – the sole Eldar deity to survive a cataclysmic event known as the Fall. Their actions can be both beneficial and detrimental to other Eldar factions, further fueling the mystery surrounding their allegiance.

The Masque on the Tabletop: Hit-and-Run Tactics and Dazzling Displays

For hobbyists and tabletop gamers, the Harlequins offer a unique and dynamic playstyle. Their army lists are known for being as colorful and acrobatic as their performances, featuring troupes of agile warriors, outlandish jesters, and the enigmatic Shadowseer who guides the Masque. Their tactics revolve around swift strikes and audacious maneuvers, flanking unsuspecting enemies and eliminating high-value targets before vanishing back into the shadows.

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